UNLOAD Study Results
UltrafiltratioN versus IV Diuretics for Patients
HospitaLized fOr Acute
Decompensated Congestive
Heart Failure

The UNLOAD study was a randomized, multicenter study of 200 patients involving 28 hospitals and medical centers across the United States. UNLOAD compared the short and long-term safety and efficacy of an advanced form of ultrafiltration therapy(Aquapheresis) to the use of conventional diuretic drug therapy in fluid overloaded heart failure patients.

The UNLOAD study was published in the February 13, 2007 issue of Journal of American College of Cardiology. (Costanzo MR et al. JACC 2007; 49(6):675-683).

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At 48 hours into treatment, the ultrafiltration group
demonstrated over standard care a:
38% greater
weight loss
28% greater
net fluid loss
Equal improvement in dyspnea score
At 90 days following hospital discharge, the ultrafiltration
group demonstrated over standard care a:
43% reduction in patients requiring re-hospitalizations for heart failure
50% reduction in the total number of re-hospitalizations for heart failure
52% reduction in emergency department or clinic visits
63% reduction in total days re-hospitalized for heart failure


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